You are single-handedly taking the image of our business to the next level and making some of our competitors look like yahoos.

– M.S.

I’ve worked with TitanVisuals on different projects over the past few years and I am always happy when I do. I recently had such a great experience, I had to Yelp about it!

First off, I am not a webmaster nor graphic designer myself, but I do need support for my website and marketing work. All designers and web designers are not created equally and I know I can count on Titan Visuals. One of the things I appreciate about Titan is that I don’t feel talked down to, or given a lot of jargonese when I ask questions about updating or maintaining my website. I get clear, concise and understandable explanations, options based on costs and level of difficulty to maintain, and a pleasant, patient person to work with.

TitanVisuals taught me how to maintain my own website, gave me really awesome graphics and hooked me up with a better hosting service than I’d been using. At a seriously reasonable fee for a small business owner.

I trust Titan with my graphic design and web design needs. And I enjoy working with a graphic designer who seeks to help me and my company look good versus trying to make the design company look good.

– S.J.

I’ve worked with Titan Visuals for my professional head shots as well as for some minor graphic design work. He has a unique talent for really listening to his clients needs and translating that into amazing work. He went way above and beyond to make sure that I was happy with his work, and I’ve gotten numerous compliments. Rob is definitely my go-to guy for both photographic needs as well as graphic design work; I just wish it were easier for me to get to Chicago to work with him!

– S.O.

Rob is one of the best graphic designers I have had the opportunity to work with. I first encountered his work when he was at Michael Walters and have continued to work with him as he has gone on to create his own company. Rob possess an innate creative ability, he can see right to the heart of the product and design outward creating a finished product that is unique and speaks to customers needs. I have used him for the majority of the packaging we have designed at Paslode and have always been extremely happy with the results. I would recommend Rob for graphic design and photography for packaging, POP, advertisements, and signage as well as web design. It has been a pleasure to work with him.

– M.F.

I’ve contracted with TitanVisuals on many occasions over the years to work on materials for my company’s materials and advertising, as well as many projects with clients: facility, site, and product photography; logos; packaging design; aesthetic design and oversight of documents; materials for print and web, and just about everything you can imagine having to do with the look, feel, and presentation of professional assets.

Note the “many occasions” part — there’s a reason for that.

Rob’s got talent oozing out of his pores (not as unsanitary as it sounds), backed up with real, diverse experience, and finished with solid professionalism.

This probably describes a lot of designer/photographers out there, but what sets Titan apart is the personality and ethic you get with your work. Rob knows he’s good, but he doesn’t think he’s better than you, and he’s not clubbing you over the head with his ego, talking over your head with technobabble, or living up to the stereotype of the flaky creative person.

He’s also a nice guy. Good sense of humor.

Here’s a business that understands the value of practicality and accessibility, but knows how to underpin their work with the hallmarks of skill and polish. My business is a no-BS zone, and that’s why I consistently call TitanVisuals when I need them, and recommend them to my friends and colleagues.

– W.G.