Your home online.


Domain & Hosting

An web address (URL) to find you, and a place to put your files.

For any business, you ought to own these. Its your name, and your property. Many website services charge your per month for these, but we think these should be yours. If you don’t have them yet we have recommendations.



The WordPress Content Management System (CMS) is a solid base to build a site on.

As one of the most common systems in use, its incredibly well documented and robust. So if you ever need to change your site, you and other designers know how to use it.



Wordpress is great, but the addition of a solid code framework brings searchability, quick load times. It will also allow for a “responsive” site, resizing automatically for different screen sizes of desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

Bracket_600If you already have a website, you may already have these parts.



Visual design comes into play. Solid typography, clean layout – with subtle finesses using all those terms you learned in art class. Balance. Movement. With that, easy usability so your visitors can find what they’re seeking, quickly.



A few bells and whistles add personality and interest. A bit of animation, images that swap out, illustrations and accents that draw your eye. All HTML5, so it loads everywhere.


Add on!

Once things are looking good, we’ll build out your initial pages to get you started. Then you can add on as much as you’d like, and it will all work together and visually match.

Please contact titanvisuals for a quote on your website project. Whether its a refresher to what you already have, or a complete build from scratch, I’m here to help!